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Verlagshaushenschel SCHAUSPIEL is a Literary Drama Agency that grants licences for the production of dramatic works to theatres, private and public-law broadcasting companies, and film production companies.

We represent more than 900 authors, among them many non-German writers (i.e. Sergi Belbel, Dario Fo, Alexander Gallin, Coline Serreau, Biljana Srbljanovic), and altogether more than 2000 works. Our repertoire ranges from the dramatic literature of classical antiquity to 20th-century works in modern and carefully edited German-language translations. High-quality adaptations of fairy tales and plays for children and adolescents constitute an additional important part of our programme.

Original radio plays, radio dramas for children, adaptations of works of fiction as well as German and foreign theatre plays arranged for radio are among the more than 500 radio plays for which henschel SCHAUSPIEL holds the rights.

henschel SCHAUSPIEL currently represents some twenty authors and directors who work for film/TV (among them Jo Baier, Andreas Dresen, Thomas Heise, Stefan Kolditz, Regine Kühn, Laila Stieler) and supports them in their film work.

henschel SCHAUSPIEL is an independent authors’ publishing house constituted in the form of a private limited company. At present, it is owned by some one hundred partners of equal standing. It was founded in May 1990 on an initiative of a group of authors (among them Peter Brasch, Volker Braun, Christoph Hein, Peter Ensikat, Heiner Müller, Bernd Schirmer, Georg Seidel, Lothar Trolle, Joachim Walther) and translators (among them Fritz Rudolf Fries, Maik Hamburger, Thomas Reschke, B.K. Tragelehn).

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